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advice graphics card with full full QE/CI


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Hello everybody, I finally got Yosemite fully working, network, audio, , network, everything works, perfect.

Only I had to make to hackintosh from scratch. I use a asus p5q, and the rest I used component that I had laying around.

Only thing bothering is I am using an nvidia gt 220 and it is also recognized. From what I understand it is an old videocard.

I know that when you have everything allright, the icons in the bar also move. My system is old, but I am now complaining

i am just looking for help is anybody knows what videocard is oob with yosemite and with full  full QE/CI


thanks in advance for the help.


gr danny

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I can't remember for certain with Yosemite, it's quite old now, but Dock Magnification is off by default in more recent macOS versions; so, if you want it, you'll have to turn it in the Dock PrefPane. The feature actually bears no relation to graphics acceleration.


nVidia GeForce GT220 is good old Tesla and, as such, can be expected to work OOB like other G9x-based cards though it may require properties injection (in DSDT or through Clover) depending on the output port you use. If in doubt, search the forum about that card.


You can verify that you have full graphics acceleration in old Yosemite through several aspects:

  • translucent Finder bar and Dock
  • expected graphics card/settings reported in "About this Mac"
  • full details of graphics card reported in SysInfo->Hardware->Graphics (display resolution, kext loaded, graphics card id)
  • full graphics support reported in DVDPlayer->Help->Show Supported Features
  • no graphics glitches or sluggish overall performance experienced


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