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AppleIGB.kext. for Intel I350 onboard LAN Catalina issue

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I have a SuperMicro X9DRI MB running Catalina, Vega 56, SSD.   However I can't seem to get my onboard lan to work.


it crashes during the clover boot.  AppleIGB.kext,  reason I use it it because it has  PCI ID for my card, I did get it to boot once...it was unstable. lastest version was 10.10.


from info.plist


            <string>0x15218086 0x15228086 0x15238086 0x15248086 0x15468086</string>


Are there any alternative or an updated KEXT?  I tried IntelMausiEthernet... does not work. No crashes, simply does not see it. I tried Smalltreexxxx .kext same result, no crashes, simply does not see it. 

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Well, I got it to work.  It seems ok, I was able to boot it, it panicked once, so I did a complete power shut down.


This is what I did.  Installed the kext on the "s/l/e" instead of in the EFI.

I also had to delete networkinterfaces.pilist and preference.plist, that reset just about everything.


I'm using SMBIOS MacPro5,1



2 Xeons E5-2680

Currently on a 120GB SSD, going to image to into NVME, still looking around a real fast NVME. 

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well today I got kernel panics again.


There has to be a updated. appleIGB.KEXT?    anyone?


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IntelMausi does not work . :( no panics, it's not recognized, no ethernet.


However I will try the AppleIntelE1000  you posted, I can assume its modded with the proper Hardware ID?


Thank you by the way.



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On 11/30/2019 at 10:08 AM, chris1111 said:

Did you try Intelmausi 1.0 ?




EDIT Did you try AppleIntelE1000




sorry none worked. 


There must me a way to fix AppleIGP.KEXT .


SO far I have gotten to work by removing it, clear the kext cache and installing it again.  It works great. but I shut down the computer for 12 hours or so, when i boot up, i get the panic...  can anyone help? 







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Success! Well. Got it to work with a different KEXT.


AppleIntelIi210Ethernet.kext.  This the original "10.9" kext, I modified the hardware ID:




Then I just renamed the file with "i350". Place it in your clover "other" Kexts. Make sure you don't have any other. "intelmausi, apple IGB, smalltree_xxxxx, remove them all from all the extension locations, etc. etc.   Reboot and you're done. Catalina here we go!


FYI Only for  0x15218086.  I have not tested any other onboard nics.


Good luck!





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