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Freezes Aple Logo


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My old Hackintosh battery to time and date was out, and I replaced it, and after that, it freezes at the Apple logo with the startup.

Has my BIOS got a reset?

Can I do a USB start-up to install the files missing?

I'm a total noob at this...


Some of my gear:


RC410-M (Alhena) Motherboard
Darwin/x86 Boot v5.0.132
Chimera v1.7.0 r1394
Label: Snow


Let me know if you need more information


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2 hours ago, Hervé said:

If you meant your CMOS battery, I guess, yes, your BIOS settings did reset to default values when you replaced the battery. Reconfigure your BIOS parameters to what they were before. You may find that HDD mode requires to be set back to AHCI or things like that.


There would be no files to re-install...

Thanks ever so much for the answer.


Can you explain this a little bit deeper?

I've never done this, can I find a guide where I can find these values and how do all this... :)

Sorry for being slow. :)

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