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Razer Blade Stealth Black Screen with Backlight on Wake


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Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue? My RBS 2019 works with almost 100% functionality except for 2 issues:


1. Sleep - When I put the laptop to sleep by either selecting sleep under the apple menu or closing the lid:

  • Keyboard backllight remains on
  • I can hear the fans spin 
  • Screen is black with no Backlight

If I try to wake the machine up by pressing on buttons on clicking the trackpad the screen's backlight turns on but the screen itself is blank. I Thuhave also tried shining a torch on the screen after wake and can't see anything.


2. Display through HDMI - I have a USB C dongle with an HDMI port that works well with a real macbook and on the RBS Windows Partition. If I plug it into the left USB C port (non thunderbolt) The HDMI display does not work but the dongle works like a hub (usb ports and power delivery work) if I plug it into the right USB C port (thunderbolt 3) The laptop restarts. If I leave it plugged in during restart I get no functionality on the dongle and the laptop restarts again if I pull the dongle out.


Problem 1 is my priority - Sleep is the only thing I need to get to work to make the laptop my daily driver, problem 2 is just a nice to have but I can do without it.


I have attached my problem reporting files - any help would be greatly appreciated.


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