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Rhapsody on a G4 Cube?


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I'm trying to install Rhasody Medusa 1.2v3 on a G4 Cube.


I know the machine's not officially supported, but through the configuration options in the (MacOS based) installer, I am able to get as far as "Sorry, couldn't set your machine to boot from the installation CD."


Then, I just reboot the machine myself, holding option, and select the part of the installation CD that is OS X based, which boots up the Rhapsody installer.


Then, it asks for a root device. I enter hd0, which brings up the following error message:


rootdev 300, howto 40001

cannot mount root, errno = 22


Also, before prompting me for the root device, it says the following about my hard disk:


hd0: IBM-DTLA-305020 TW2FA6AA
hd0: using DMA transfers.
registering: hd0
hd0: No Valid Disk Label
hd0: Device Block Size: 512 bytes
hd0: Device Capacity: 19623 MB


So, it recognizes the drive and it's capacity, but complains about a Disk Label. Is this part of the problem or an unrelated warning? I've tried to set a label using parted on a Ubuntu PPC live CD but frankly I'm not sure which label it expects.


If it's not related to the Disk Label: how do I get it to use the hard drive which it clearly does recognize? What am I supposed to format it as?


Drive Setup on the OS 9 portion of the installation CD, lets me select Mac OS X Server UFS, but fails to initialize the drive when I select it.


Has anyone ever run Rhapsody on a G4 Cube to begin with?

Am I on a futile pursuit?

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