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ASUS VivoBook 15 X512FJ can't boot

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Hello guys!, sorry for my english, I bought this notebook to make an hackintosh, but i have a lot of issues... i really can't boot Catalina (Apple logo with empty bar at first boot, so i can't install nothing) and High Sierra (Apple logo with full bar, but can't start installation) someone have a solution?
My EFI is https://filebin.net/zjibt97hmfzttbrj/EFI.rar?t=g3yfb5im (sorry if it's the wrong sharing way)
Thanks a lot!

Please posts details of the hardware specs (chipset, CPU, graphics, audio codec, LAN, Wireless, etc.).


This being said, your Clover config is probably wrong:

  1. for Catalina you MUST rename your Embedded Controller device to "EC" (it's the device with HID set to "PNP0C09")
  2. you specify an empty Haswell MBP11,1 SMBIOS
  3. you inject an SSDT for a KabyLake platform (which looks like a complete DSDT)
  4. your kexts set will need some tuning but there's nothing likely to stop booting macOS


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It's Ok. You have a Whiskey Lake platform/CPU with UHD 620 graphics.


So you must use the SMBIOS of one of those 2019 MacBookPro so that you're as close as possible to your hardware specs. MacBookPro11,1 is therefore unsuitable.


nVidia MX230 is Pascal generation which could only ever be supported up to High Sierra and only with the Wed Driver. This being said, since Optimus is not supported on Hackintosh, you probably won't be able to use and will have to revert to the UHD 620 instead.


Try the attached Clover config with High Sierra knowing that you'll have to extract your BIOS tables in order to verify the Embedded Controller defined on your laptop and apply the renaming required for Catalina. When you boot the USB installer, press F4 once you reach the Clover main menu and all BIOS tables will be extracted and saved to ACPI/origin folder of your EFI partition.



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