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Previously Stable 5070 Clover Install Borked by Catalina?

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I created a new container on my hackintosh SSD.  Downloaded and ran the installer on that new container.  Rebooted once or twice, made it to the setup screens for Catalina.  Ran the migration assistant and imported my users and data.  Took under an hour and left it to finish.  Came back and it was done, but fans were running at 100%.  Rebooted and would only get about half way through the status bar and it would panic and reboot.   Tried to boot to Majave and now it just hangs.  Running in -V shows that it keeps reporting “FireWire GUID 000000000000 invalid”


Both Catalina and Mojave will boot if i select “Boot w/o Injecting KEXTs”.  

I moved my KEXTS from OTHER to 10.14 and 10.15.  Both folders have the following up to date KEXTS (as of 9 Oct) and the 10.15 has WhateverGreen as recommended by someone in the discord channel.

SMC Processor


MoBo: Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H

Graphics: Gigabyte 780 (Non TI)

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