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The other way round: how to *disable* DVI port on MBP?


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hello there,

i have a strange question in a forum like this (given the amount of people trying to get their DVI ports working on a non-apple machine):


where would you disable the external DVI port on a macbook pro altogether?


i sifted through the various kexts in System/Library/Extensions and tried to find an entry in any .plist that would remotely look like the right one to change.


even with OS 10.4.8 and efi firmware 1.2, there is a going-to-sleep and wake from sleep problem with most apple intel laptops. a simple workaround for the problem might be to disable the external dvi port.


i'm asking here because i figure you guys by now have a very good understanding of how OS X works in that respect. any ideas?

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