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macOS High Sierra on Core i3-5005U with Intel HD Graphics 5500

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Hi there,
I have a Lenovo G40-80 running with macOS High Sierra (10.13) with working Ethernet/Bluetooth/Audio/USB 3.0/2.0. 
I am unable to make the Graphics/Battery Status/Touchpad working. 
Using clover as boot loader and dual boot with Windows 10 (EFI) and clover is installed in SSD EFI partition.
Screen flickers after login and login screen in grey. Graphics Memory is displayed as 4 MB and System Information shows no kext loaded for Graphics. Graphics DVMT prealloc is 128 MB. (Determined with the help of a tutorial which says that if your Dedicated Graphics Memory in Windows is shown to be less than 128, your DVMT prealloc is Dedicated Memory + 32 and if it is 128 or greater then DVMT prealloc is equal to the Dedicated Memory. My Dedicated Graphics Memory is 128 MB, so...). I am using ig-platform-id=0x16160006.
What I have tried from different tutorials with no success.
1. Changing ig-platform-id to 0x16260006 and 0x16160002 results in Kernel Panic and system restarts.
2. Enabling Legacy Support has no effect.
Can anybody help please. 

My system configuration is:
Manufacturer: Lenovo
Model: G40-80 (80E4)
Processor: Core i3-5005U
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5500
Ethernet: Realtek
Wifi: Intel Dualband Wireless AC-3160
Touchpad: ELAN 

My clover config.plist is attached.


I've already replied to you on same topic at OSXL but your Clover config appears incorrect to me on 3 x essential items. If you look at your Clover config with Clover Configurator app (and I strongly recommend you use this app to setup Clover), you'll see this:





Correct syntax for id faking is clearly indicated. It's:

0x -> for Hexa

XXXX -> four digits for iGPU device id

8086 -> four digit for Intel's vendor id



And so is the recommended BDW layout and SMBIOS profiles for 5th gen Broadwell laptops:



  1. you've entered an incorrect value in your iGPU id faking field (0x016268086 when it should have been 0x16268086) but you should not require to fake any iGPU id.
  2. you're injecting an invalid BDW ig-platform-id 0x16160006 (which does not exist in the BDW Framebuffer kext) when the recommended one for mobile HD5500 is 0x16260006
  3. you're using an incorrect Haswell MBA6,2 SMBIOS profile when you should be using a Broadwell MBP12,1/MBA7,1/MBA7,2 SMBIOS profile

I'd have expected you to gain graphics OOB by removing all those injections and just run with Lilu + WEG kexts but if it's not the case just re-enable "Inject Intel", inject ig-platform-id 0x16260006 and set your SBMIOS to MBP12,1 (or MBA7,1 or MBA7,2). All this assumes that you've also adjusted DVMT to the proper values for Broadwell graphics.


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