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iMac 2019 which cpu regarding fan noise

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Hey all
Looks like I will buy an iMac 2019 in the foreseeable future. Now the question of configuration arises. It would be important to me that the fan remains quiet and then the next aspects are performance and price.
The 3.0 GHz and 3.1GHz variants have a lower TDP (65 watts) and the 3.7GHz has 95 watts. One should assume that the fan will be more quiet in the first two configurations, do I see that right? The internet also seems to think so in some places. The difference between the first two is rather marginal, isn't it? 

But you can also find contrary statements, according to which the 3.7GHz as a 9th generation model with soldered heatspreader runs 10 degrees colder in these tests.

next: the 1TB SSD costs much less with the more expensive model, in the end there is only a 60€ difference between 3.7GHz and 3.1 GHz. Now I've been racking my head for days, which is the right configuration for me.

Tasks: Lightroom (hobby, not profession) cut a little music, and the usual office and surf stuff. I'm sure all new iMacs will be able to do that.

Any thoughts?

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