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Boot.ini file, possibly wrong command?


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I installed Mac OS X x86 with help from the wiki.osx86project.org guide.

I installed correctly and check everything.

for my boot.ini file I put in(exactly):C:\chain0="Mac OS x86"

I also put chain0 in C:\, is this right? OS X is on the second partition. :(

The reason I am checking is because whenever I select Mac OS x86, the system restarts(no warnings)

and then the boot screen comes up again.

Please Help!

-added 10:30am 11-24-

I now put my whole darwin files in C:\.

When I say the system restarts, heres what happens:


Then the Windows Boot Loader shows:

Windows XP

Mac OS X

When I click OS X, my system makes a noise and goes back to the Dell boot screen thing(picture above).

-Also I noticed my chain0 file is 0kb so that means it is empty, right. Do I need to add something?

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