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JAS 10.4.8 Intel SSE2 issue report.


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Upgraded from JAS 10.4.7 Intel SSE2 to 10.4.8 using JaS.10.4.8.Update.Intel.SSE2.Only.pkg.


My OSx86 PC config:


P4 3.06 w/ HT

1GB DDR333

Intel 875P/ICH5R Chipset

ATI 9800 Pro AGP (CI Q2DE QE w/ Callisto B008)

CMI8738 PCI Soundcard (w/ 10.4.7 fix)

Pro/100+ Network Card


Above hardware works flawlessly with 10.4.7 but some minor issue occur after upgrade to 10.4.8. Below is the list:


1, I can no longer highlight the link on address bar in Safari browser. It actually does as I can select some text in the link and delete it, just GUI didn't show up I highlighted those text. Same think happened on other software like network tools or so.


2, I can still play songs with iTunes, but not making any. After I insert an Audio CD and try to encode it to MP3, error -207 occured.


Eventually I reverted to my 10.4.7 after a day, as those issue really bother me.

Anyone has the same problem and any suggestion on these minor but annoying problem?

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