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Help with Darwine

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Hi, I'm sorta new to whole MacIntel thing and I was wondering if someone could please help me out.


I have an Intel Macbook Pro running Tiger and from what I understand I can use software called Darwine to let me run Win32 apps in MacOS.


So I installed Darwine and ran the WineHelper app and went to Open Application and chose one of the samples that came with it like Notepad, but I got an error that said

"Unable to locate X11.app. Make sure X11 has been installed."


So I downloaded X11 from Apple's website but it doesn't want to install on my computer saying "You cannot install X11 on this volume. Newer Software already exists on your computer".


What do I do ???

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I was having exactly the same problem (I even made the same mistake of installing the X11 SDK), so when I found the solution, I felt compelled to sign up to let you know (hopefully this will save anyone else Googling for the solution a bit of time, too):


The X11 file you need to install is located on the Mac OS X Install Disc 1, at: System\Installation\Packages\x11User.pkg

Install that, and Darwine will run.


The reason that the X11 package from Apple's website won't install is that X11 is included with Tiger, and the downloadable is intended for Panther, so when you run it, it detects that you have Tiger, assume that X11 must be installed (even though it actually isn't) and so refuses to install. - Looking at the download info now, it does actually say in the System requirements "Mac OS X 10.3 - 10.3.9"... oops. (I made the same mistake there, too) So you have to install it from the Tiger install disc (and knowing where it actually is helps a bit, too)


Good Luck!


PS - I don't suppose you're doing this so that your Mother will stop complaining about not being able to play Spider Solitaire on easy mode too? (She keeps threatening to go back to her Windows computer...) :star_smile:


Because that would be spooky

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