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[Problem] Lenovo YOGA 720-15IKB i5-7300HQ

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So let’s start from beginning. I’m owner of Lenovo Yoga 720-15IKB, with:

  • i5-7300HQ
  • Intel HD630
  • Intel HM175
  • GTX 1050 2GB (disabled)
  • Intel SSD 660p
  • Dell DW1820A (CN... version, working OOTB)

I’ve found some configs to Yoga 720-15, but every is for i7-7700HQ version. I tried using Vesavlad’s config, and some random configs from TonyMacX86, with no luck. I’ve found, that I’m not the only person that tried that, but the second person abandoned their attempt to get it working...

Here is what I’ve found:

  • with Vesavlad’s config I can boot to installer, create APFS partition. In stage 2, after 1st reboot I’m getting this message.
  • disabling Intel TPT does not allow me to get into installer. Nothing, just flashing black screen and back to clover and/or Windows 10 (according to boot settings).
  • creating installer from MacOS 10.9 Mavericks works best for me. After making installer form Mojave, I was stuck on Prohibited sign.


What should I do, to make it working? Is there really any huge difference between config for i5 and i7? Why am I unable to boot to installer with Intel TPT disabled?


My BIOS settings:

  • Configuration
    • Wireless LAN [Enabled]
    • SATA Controller Mode [AHCI]
    • Graphic Device [Switchable Graphics]
    • Power Beep [Disabled]
    • Intel Virtualization Technology [Enabled]
    • Bios Back Flash [Disabled]
    • Hotkey Mode [Disabled]
    • Always On USB [Enabled]
    • Thunderbolt (TM) Device Boot Support [Enabled]
    • Thermal Control [Performance]
  • Security
    • Intel Platform Trust Technology [Enabled]
    • Intel SGX [Disabled]
    • Secure Boot [Disabled]
  • Boot
    • Boot Mode [UEFI]
    • Fast Boot [Enabled]
    • USB Boot [Enabled]
    • PXE Boot to LAN [Disabled]
    • IPV4 PXE First [Disabled]

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      So i tried literally everything...

      Please someone help me..
      And like i don't know call in discord or anything and go through the installation with me cuz its just not working.
      And i don't know what i'm not doing or doing wrong...
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    • By b31k
      Report Problem Files.zip