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Garbled Display for GMA950


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I'm using the HOTiSO DVD and this setup: ASRock 775i945GZ MB, Pentium 4 Prescott 3.0GHz, and half a gig of DDR2 533 ram. I can boot just fine in Safe Mode. But if I boot normally, the display is all messed up. A bunch of diagonal lines. The system is still functioning, If I click on the menu bar, I get an illegible menu and by feel, I can shut it down. Here's what it looks like:




Interestingly. it appears to be working right up to the point where the blue screen goes away and the "background" would be loaded. The pointer is unaffected. I've tried specifying the resolution as a boot option, with varying bit depths and dimensions. I've varied the amount of memory dedicated to video ram. I've tried doing the HOTiSO install without the patches. Now - when I use the deadmoo disk image, it boots fine, of course without the core image acceleration.


I'm thinking it is some kind of driver/frame buffer kext conflict, but don't know where to get the right ones...


Anyone - any thoughts? Whatsoever?





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