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Mac os Won’t start Install

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 Hello i have problem with mac os start Mac Os install. When i started mac os install , it glitched and stopped did anything.

I do not know what the problem is.  I already searched the entire Internet and found nothing.


Motherboard : Asus X551CAP

Processor : Intel Pentium 2117U

Graphics : Intel HD graphics 2500


Yeah, yeah HD graphics 2500 not supported by MAC OS((


But i heard what Mac os will support hd 2500 if i install kext from hd4000. Else i heard what Mobile intel hd 2500 Mac os High Sierra Supports natively.


Kexts on USB Install







NullCPUPowerManagement.kext (Because Intel Pentium)









Thats all my kexts.

Pls hlp)



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Intel ULV Pentium 2117U is a mobile CPU and as such it integrates 3rd gen Intel HD graphics, not Intel HD2500 per sé, which is its low-end desktop iGPU equivalent. Example:


In order to hopefully lift any potential confusion you may have on Ivy Bridge CPU specs, you may browse their specs here then apply the filter for mobile versions.


This being said, Intel HD2500 has never been properly/fully supported in OS X/macOS (only partially though some claimed success in ML versions such as 10.8.3) and 3rd gen Intel HD is normally not supported at all. There are no HD4000 kexts you would require to install, such (Capri) kexts are part of any standard OS X/macOS installation since Mountain Lion (or was it Lion 10.7.5?). I think what you're referring to is what was described here but, afaik, this was only partial support (understand CI (Core Image) only) not full graphics acceleration, i.e. the same as desktop HD2500.


Regretfully, your laptop is not suitable as a Hackintosh unless you're able to replace the current Pentium CPU by an i3/i5/i7 model with proper HD4000 iGPU. For instance, Intel i3-3217u.


You would also need to seriously review your current kexts set because, looking at the specs of this laptop, it does not seem to be fitted with any nVidia nForce or VIA chipset so I can't see why you'd want to install or inject kexts such as AppleNForceATA or SuperVIAATA... It seems you're attempting to throw all ATA/IDE-related kexts you could find (ApplePCIIDE, ATAPortInjector on top of the nVidia or Via kexts) as well as kexts related to USB3 ports for platforms built on Series 200 chipset or X79 chipset that simply don't apply to your laptop. Even though you have a very low-end laptop, I'd be quite surprised if your HDD would not work in full AHCI mode. Did you check that out?


I suggest you 1st build a recap of your laptop's hardware specs, then work on building the proper Clover config + kext set applicable to your laptop and finish by building a more suitable High Sierra USB installer.


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