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Prohibited Sign on Mojave 10.14.5 - Dell latitude e5420

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I'm try to install Olarila Hackintosh Mojave 10.14.5 on my old Dell latitude e5420, here is the spec:
- CPU Core i5 2520M 2,5GHz 2 Cores - 4 Threads
- GPU Intel HD 3000 
- Storage : HDD Toshiba 320G SATA II
- RAM : Dual Channel 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
- 4 x USB 2.0, eSATA, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), HDMI, LAN (RJ45), VGA (D-Sub)

I'm using config 2.plist, insert USBInjectAll and FakePCIID into /EFI/CLOVER/KEXT/OTHERS, but when i boot without -v flag, It boot to half opf loading bar with apple logo then it shown the prohibited sign:
And when i use -v flag, it stucked here:

I'm using an 2.0 USB and i have tested All 4 USB Port on the laptop but it didn't work
Here is my EFI. Sorry for the bad english and thank in advance


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Posted (edited)

I don't know where you derive that Clover config from but it's clearly not appropriate for your laptop... It's missing a lot of essential info (such as SMBIOS profile, hence the forbidden sign you experienced) whilst containing erroneous one (patches, ACPI renaming like XHC-related ones on a non-USB3 laptop, iGPU faking, etc.).


This being said, the Latitude E5420 is a Sandy Bridge/HD3000 platform and therefore not suitable for Mojave which bears no native support for HD3000 graphics. As such, it'd be best that you stuck to High Sierra 10.13.6.


In order to install and run Mojave on that laptop, you'd need to:

  1. use the proper E5x20/E6x20 Clover config (available at OSXLatitude for OS X/macOS up to High Sierra)
  2. install/cache or inject SNB graphics kexts from an earlier macOS release such as High Sierra
  3. replace a couple of graphics-related frameworks from 10.14.3 once you run 10.14.4 and/or later
  4. use a Mojave-compatible SMBIOS
  5. learn to live with OpenGL-only graphics acceleration and, therefore, some graphics limitations which can only increase in time


Knowing that HD3000 was buggy enough with El Capitan/Sierra/High Sierra, I do not consider it a good idea to even envisage running Mojave on an HD3000 laptop. Again, my advise is to stick to High Sierra 10.13.6.


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