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need help with hp ml350p g8

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hi everyone!


i have some trouble setting up my hackintosh.

the device i want to use is a hp ml350p g8, i had some succesful hackintoshes before but i can't get this to work, so i hope you can help me out.



hp ml350p g8

cpu; 2x   intel xeon e5-2650v2 

ram; 8gb ddr3 ecc

harddisk; ocz-agility 120gb 

gpu; nvidia gtx660  / also tried a gtx1070ti and intend on using that one eventually



this system doesnt support uefi so i go for legacy booting.

i reset all my bios settings to default except i changed the following options;


cpu; turned off vt-d

pci; turned off sas controller as i dont want to use it, turned off matrox gs200 as the graphics arent supported



i tried numerous of bootarguments but the last time i tried i used;  -v nv_disable=1



i used the smbios of macpro 6,1


efi folder

see attachment



see attachment



when i want to boot the high sierra installer i get a bunch of verbose output. it seems to go all fine...

however i get stuck after 'failedclui' not a text, 'failedimage' not a kext, and after it goes to a acpi error
ACPI RSOP 0X00000000000000000 000024 (V02 HP )
after that i get a lot of panic information and the system tries to a mach reboot but it does nothing.

if anyone could get me towards this sytem getting to work i would be very thankful.

i already tried to {censored} around with a lot of settings but nothing could get me further than i've been now.






i tried to take a photo of the error output, maybe it is useful for anyone of you. 



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