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Mac Os sierra installer cant boot

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Hi I am new in the worl of hackintosh an I am trying to install sierra on a PC with thease specs
CPU: Intel Xeon x3220
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 TI
Motherboard: acer q45t-am
Ram: 4GB ddr3 1066
The clover boot perfect but when I go to boot the OS the apple logo gets stuck and dont load the installation process
I use legacy mode bios because my PC is very old please help me


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That computer does not meet the required minimum specs for macOS Sierra due to its Kentsfield generation Xeon X3220: it lacks SSE4 instructions set. The best you can run on that CPU is El Capitan.


You'd need a Wolfdale or Yorkfield CPU (i.e. Penryn architecture) for macOS Sierra and/or later, provided your motherboard supports those of course...


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