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Having trouble with Root Device, and HDD Detection?


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I had both these problems trying to install Mac OS X.


I notice alot of people have joined the forums and posted these problems continuosly over and over again. So this should help most of you.


For those who did -v in the boot options and it still says waiting for root device. You need to make your DVD drive Master on the IDE CHANNEL 0 ( Which is the BLUE Connector on your motherboard) and have your HDD on Slave, Which means you gotta take out all the jumper settings from your HDD. And make sure your DVD jumper is set on Master, which is the Most RIGHT one. This shall solve the problem. I'd love to show you a picture of my computer set up, But unfortunately i changed them all back to the factory state. So i'll draw a picture in Paint and show YOU. The HDD detection is very simple. Just follow the follow pictures. Make sure you plug in the power source into each Device. Doesn't matter which cable. As long as they have a power supply



This setup will guarantee you root Device problems.


This is what your jumper settings should look like. Located back of DVD and HDD, in order for HDD Detection.


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