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eMachines E730G - lagging and sloworking

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Okay, after reinstallation of the system, WiFi is working perfectly. 


I've another problem with the system. It is not so fast as it should be... When I have opened 3-4 tabs on Safari and Mail, I have a lots of lags when I type in Safari. It may be caused due to lack of some patches in DSDT or my computer have no good configuration for High Sierra? 


2 GB Ram 

Intel i5-430M


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All looking Ok to me. Just wondering why you drop those OEM options, especially the SSDT one:





  1. Check that you have full graphics acceleration with DVDPlayer->Help->Supported Features; all items you show "Supported".
  2. Check that you have full CPU SpeedStep with HWMonitor app that comes with your FakeSMC version (you'll need to install/inject the PlugIns first).
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