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Natively supported USB 3.0 add-in cards?

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I'm in search of a new card since the one I have to give my build an extra 19-pin header has a memory leak in Windows and crashes often (works fine in macOS with GenericUSBXHCI). Might as well get something that has OOB support so I can get rid of GenericUSBXHCI, which might cause conflict with native drivers.


I've looked around and peeped inside AppleXHCIPCI.kext, and the only non-Intel USB 3.0 controller that I could find it matching to was the Fresco Logic FL1100 (vendor 1b73, device 1100). That means if I get any PCIe card that uses the controller, it'll work OOB, right? Or have I missed other controllers that has native support?

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21 hours ago, Hervé said:

-> Google.com


Look at products from Sonnet, Inateck, Ableconn, etc.


Sorry, let me clarify. I'm trying to avoid buying the overpriced "For Mac" versions of regular PCIe cards.

The current Sonnet offering uses FL1100, which by judging the lack of Mac drivers (other than ones bumping up maximum available current) should be natively supported.

However, even with these companies I see that some products require a third-party kext, for example SXHCD.kext for legacy Sonnet cards.

So my question is whether a controller other than Intel or FL1100 exists that is natively supported by macOS.

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