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USB Usage causes spike of CPU at max speed


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I have a very peculiar issue with my custom hackintosh build:

Whenever I use any USB device, my CPU spikes at maximum speed (verified with Intel Power Gadget).

I have a USB webcam (Microsoft Lifecam Studio), a USB audio interface (Focusrite 2i2), USB Mouse (Razer Naga), and a USB Microphone (Blue Yeti).

Now, having opened IPG, whenever I utilize any of the mentioned USB devices, I can see my CPU speed ramp to maximum and stay there until I close the app that uses the specific USB device. 

Even if I use my mouse to constantly move around, the CPU spikes up and stays there until I stop using my mouse.

Concerning usb power I am using UsbInjectAll.kext + FakePCIID.kext + FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext + custom SSDT.
The only thing that remains unsolved for my USB, is USB power, since renaming my EC0 to EC device causes KP during boot.

The last couple of days I have revamped my config.plist to include just the bare minimum.

FYI I am using iMac 15.1 SMBIOS and have all my kexts installed in /L/E. 

I have fiddled around my BIOS Settings, loaded optimized defaults various times, but the problem still persists.

CPU power managment is verified to be working, it's stuck @ max speed when utilizing any of the USB ports.

Here's my system info:
OSX Version: 10.14.4
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VII Gene Z97
BIOS: 3503 
CPU: i7 4790K
GPU: RX580

Any insight/suggestions are welcome.

Thank you very much

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Added small video of the problem
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