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Z370 finetuning - some bugs I don't know how to fix

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I got my PC to work as a Mac somehow. I run in a few problems after i checked everything Post-Installation. Maybe they just small mistakes i made, since i understand only basics and my Hackintosh is really bare bones. (Vanilla Install with only 3 drivers and just a few kexkts)

I installed 10.13.16 (17G6030) on a MSI Z370 Krait Gaming with an i7 8700k and Geforce GTX 1070 Ti. Clover Package Version 4917. iMac 18,3


Audio is somewhat weird. It works in like 95% of the time and sometimes it starts without audio. It doesn't bother me to restart it once, but maybe there is a fix? Using ALC1220 Codec and AppleALC.


USB more complicated i guess. I used USBMap to limit my ports to 11 Ports only. But somehow i don't get full Speed on my USB3 and SSD when i Used the USBMap.kexkt. Maybe i did missed something here.


  • HS01
  • HS02
  • HS03/SS03
  • HS04/SS04
  • HS07
  • HS08
  • HS10 (internal)
  • HS13
  • HS14


I let those ports enabled. Maybe I should enable USR2 ?!?, since it sometimes poped up. (Did test USB Speed with USBInjectAll. Even worse, but the SSD Write was normal)


Ports that are unknown:

  • USR1/USR2
  • HS09/SS09
  • HS11/SS11


PortTable is in Attached Files. For External and Internal. The USB3 Ports on the right site is used for the Front Panel (with are 2 USB 3.0 Ports) All my USB3 ports are 3.1 Gen1 from Intel.


Sometimes Apps are crashing randomly. I put in the Crash report apple generated if you like to check it, when you have the time. I don't understand at all why they crash when i'm closing the app or in Clover it was while i mounted the EFI.


Intel Power Management is working as normal I think. Just put an Image to check if it's right.


And the last think is a bit annoying. When I use the mouse or download things, or i do random things, sometimes i hear a whinging from the iGPU. (Check it with disabled iGPU - no more whining sound) Check the Bios. When iGPU is activated CPU GT Voltage is a option under OC. Put A Image of it. The weird thing is, that it reads 0.008V and normally should have a min. of 0,6V. Maybe totally wrong steps for the problem. Just trying to figure something out :D  Any Tips?


EFI: Maybe someone can check if my EFI-Folder seems fine. (Did include a Config.plist with fake serial number - not mine, but everything else is the same) Efi Folder (Google Drive)


Working atm without Problems:


  • LAN
  • GTX 1070 Ti with connectorless iGPU for FCPX ( BruceX Test in 28 secs)
  • WLAN and Bluetooth - So Airdrop, Handoff and so on is fine.
  • Sleep is working when disabling the USB Port for my H115i RGB Platinum 
  • Siri/AppStore 


Appreciate all the Help, Maybe even some links.







SSD with USBMap

DiskSpeedTest SSD.png


SSD with USBinjectAll

DiskSpeedTest SSD with Inectall.png


USB3 with USBMap - With USBInjectall speed are worse


DiskSpeedTest USB3.png


USB2 with USBMap - With USBInjectall speed are worse


DiskSpeedTest usb2.png


Intel Crash.txt


Crash Clover.txt


Intel Power.png


BIOS with PEG Setting Shared Memory for iGPU





Upps Forget - Here some Benchmarks. Something unusual? I guess there are allright and i got no problems here.



Cinebench R20.png

Geekbench Score CPU.png

1070 Ti Mac.png

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