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System freeze / pause / stop / lag / stutter unregularely


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I started this thread simply because I don't know which expression I have to search...


My laptop, a Dell 17R Special Edition 7720 with Core i7 3730QM has a problem: Sometimes it stops for a second or less. Usually you don't notice it, but when playing a video or music this is very annoying.

I had two different RAM sizes installed, 4 GB and 8 GB, and swapped them against two identical 4 GB DDR3 RAMs. The problem seems to be less, but if I open some the FakeSMC Hardware monitor then it appears again. However, not so often than before.


Some people had this problem in very early OSx86 times (10.4, 10.5) as the first Dual-Cores appeared. I never had it, and I was using an overclocked AMD Opteron 185. In those times all AMD patching had to be done manually.

Because I never had to deal with this problem, I have no idea where to start. This would be my first ideas:


- Intel HD 4000 graphics too slow.


But I don't have problems in other programs. HDMI doesn't work. Device ID in DCPI manager shows 0x0166004 (Mobile, 1 output), System Profiler shows 0x01660009 (Mobile, 3 outputs).

Is there any progress in using Optimus? The laptop has a GeForce GT 650 M onboard. I'm using a DSDT.aml which disables the GeForce.


- Harddisk too slow.


Xbench has just 30 - 38 MB/s at Uncached Sequential Read and 0.52 MB/s in Uncached Random Read. All other values are normal. I don't know why reading is so slow on this laptop, all SATA ports of the HM77 chipset are shown as 6 Gbit/s.


- Power Management. I'm using -xcpm, ACPISmartBatteryManager.kext is loaded.


I have no entries in Clover's CPU section, Turbo is disabled, C2 and C4 are on. GenerateCSates and GeneratePStates are also activated.

The battery has some problems for itself, there are no warnings for low and critical states. The power consumtion has a negative value.


Some help would be great, because the stuttering and battery problems are the last ones I have. Activating the GeForce would be great, too.



Final conclusion: I can recommend the Dell 17R Special Edition 7720. I got mine for around 300 Euro, and it's in great state. For a 17" laptop this is a good price. The design is decent, white backlit keyboard (full/auto/off).

The expandibility is great: You can use a mSATA SSD and two haddisks. However, the second HD is directly next to the CPU's heatpipe. So an adapter SATA ->  M.2 SSD is recommended.

OSx86 is working fine on the Dell 7720, Sleep and brightness control works. Sound is via VoodooHDA, speakers, headphones and mic jack are working. The inbuilt microphone has a good volume. Volume control works.


Greets, naquaada.

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