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Mavericks need some help please!

Guest millusions

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Guest millusions

Hey guys,


i'm a bit of an OS maniac, i can't help it.


have 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.13 and 10.14.3 on this box mostly carbon copies of old hacks that i just wont let go :) - i skipped 10.12.

but Mavericks is really getting on my nerves, i just cant get it to boot.


Mavericks was the old Chameleon days and besides going back to that i cant clover it.

ive tried old clover like 4369 and 4380


ive got two hard drives, one for Mojave new clover and the other clover to play with and rescue if needed...


basically on boot. after bluetooth messages it says something about iTunes DRM - this computer is not authorised please contact Apple and have your wallet ready, message.

it looks to me like graphics issue from experience.

but others have no problem booting with that config.

what am I missing?





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