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yet another boot problem thread ;)


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i know u guys are getting disguted by these stupid questions, but here is, once again, another boot problem:


i have the same error as described in this thread, but i gave os x a complete hdd.. so no other os on the disk.


i followed this guide but when i try to boot, i just get the blinking cursor, thats it..


just to tell how i installed it:


i inserted the blank 20gig hdd

made a 8gig partition for osx OS and a 12 gig partition for the programs (with knoppix live cd)

for the rest i followed the guide mentioned above, but as i already said, when i boot after the dd command, i get the blinking cursor..


im trying it to install on my laptop (fujitsu siemens lifebook t4010) and in the wiki someone managed it to install os x by just following the simple guide..


can anyone help me pls ? :)



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