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Best OS X version to install on Dell XPS 15 9550


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I am using a Dell XPS 15 9550 (Intel Core I7 6700 HQ, Geforce GTX 960 m, Intel HD 530, 512 Gig Pc 300 NVMe SK hynix SSD, Killer wireless 1535) and I want to install OS X on it. 

I hat it running for 15 minutes with a lot of missing drivers when I bought it some years ago but went back to windows as a couple of people told me how good windows is for audio production.

Unfortunately this is not the case and I really want to go back to OS X but don't want to buy a mac mini with its t2 chip causing problems with usb audio interfaces and even if not available suppose the new imacs will have issues with thermal trottling.

Anyway I think that the laptop should be fine for running logic and live and it would be awesome to get os x running properly on it.

Before starting I thought I am going to ask if there is a version of ox s which you would recommend / is known for running smoothly as audio production needs the computer to work properly.  

What verson of os x would you recommend? I stopped upgrading after El Captain on my macbook pro as I have the feeling the later versions of OS X do slow down my system (e.g. fan ging heavy on the same project, slower loading of plugins etc).

Thanks for helping



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A few things to note:

  1. Optimus technology is not supported under OS X/macOS, so graphics can only run either on the HD 530 iGPU or the nVidia GTX 960M dGPU (if the latter is supported at all).
  2. There is no support for anything other than nVidia Kepler cards under macOS Mojave 10.14. So no support for your Maxwell GTX960M, only for HD530 in current macOS version.
  3. If you can run only on the GTX 960M, then High Sierra is the latest possible version and you will require the nVidia Web Driver since Maxwell cards are not natively supported.


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