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XPS 9350 - Mojave: IntelFBClientControl timeout (Framebuffer)


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I really need assistant on this one. I've tried to get MacOS Mojave on my Notebook running using this Repo: https://github.com/hackintosh-stuff/XPS9350-macOS (Or literally any other repo for the 9350)


I've got the following Hardware:

  • XPS 13 9350 (FHD)
  • i7-6560U (therefore an Intel Iris HD540)
  • 8Gb DDR3 RAM
  • M.2 SSD from Toshiba
  • and a Broadcom WiFi-Adapter.


Looking at the Screenshot you can see where my Issue arrives. It does not get past the "IntelFBClientControl" timeout. 
I've chosen a 13,1 SMBIOS.

Injecting a invalid fake-platform-id (0x12345678) in Clover (Graphics/InjectIntel) has not brought me any further.

Creating a basic EFI-Configuration brought me past the Verbose-Log, showing me the Apple-Logo and a 0% filled progress bar, which allowed me to move my mouse around. No installer here as well.
I've patched the DVMT and did perform an EC-Reset (taking out the Battery and holding the power button for at least 30sec). No luck here either. :(

I have attached the EFI-Folder without the "themes"-Folder for your convenience.


I really appreciate your time reading this and I really hope we can get past these issues! 
Thank you very much! ^_^





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