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Need to Replace Bootup Options


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Here was my setup before any problems:

Windows MCE 2005, Mac OSX (using chain0), and Kubuntu.

then(I know it's not the way you are supposed to remove OS's, which is prolly the reason I am having problems.)

I deleted the Kubuntu partition, an swap partition, and installed Vista on it. It worked just fine, but Mac OSX wouldn't boot, giving me a chain load error.

So I deleted the Vista Partition, but the Vista Boot loader is still the one that is on my computer. I booted up my XP disc, and went into the recovery to try fixmbr, but it's still the same Boot Loader.

So How do I replace the boot loader with the original from XP?

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Figured out the solution.

In order to delete the boot loader, I used VistaBootPRO



That left me with my old boot loader, but Mac OSX86 still wouldn't boot, so I found a site that said if you do the following, it will allow Mac to boot...

I booted off my Kubuntu disc, but any linux would work.

fdisk /dev/hda
p (lists partitions)
t (assigns a type)
(Choose the Mac Partition)
af (changes type to af)
w (writes the changes to the disk)


I in no way take credit for this. I found it on some site (lost it)

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