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PLEASE HELP : i think i screwed with my EFI


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Hello everyone,


my hard disk is locked and i can't figure this out. its the EFI lock screen but i can turn the computer off and on again without trying to go to recovery mode it loads fine. but let me just explain how i got here in the first place smh. i have a mid 2014 15" integrated MacBook pro. recently i purchased an egpu and ive been laughing at most of my peers at the sheer strength my computer is now. i do animation and 3d work. so anyways, naturally i needed the get windows running so i saw an option through an EFI boot which looked pretty straightforward to get windows up and also continue to see the egpu.


how wrong i was. along the way of setting it up, i think i meddled with my efi file and now i can't boot to recovery, i can't re-enable SIP. i know about the going to apple store and getting them to unlock it but this computer is 4+ years old now ive no clue where my receipt is. please can somebody help me figure a way through. i am attaching an image of my diskutil and the way my hard disk has been 'partitioned'. perhaps that would be sufficient info for somebody much more knowledgeable that i obviously am in sorting this out. any help rendered is truly madly deeply appreciated.


i await....with hope. 



Screenshot 2019-03-02 at 10.00.49 AM.png

Screenshot 2019-03-02 at 10.00.29 AM.png

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