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[Help!] Audio injection for p5ql-em, alc1200(888) (legacy/bios)


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hi all, i have spent past 2-3days non stop trying to get the audio injection to work, the hackintosh would either hang at boot screen after clover, or boot without any sound device shown. i have tried several methods, first applealc + lilu, then attempted several old kext found in forums, then the vanillla hackintosh guide on reddit (applealc + vanilla applehda). could some one who knows abit about audio injection guide me through this process / trobuleshooting? i am running out of idea by myself.


Clover is showing 2 audio controller, im not sure whether thats correct or not, i have been trying various layout-id also, 1 to 11, mainly 1 & 7.


i have attached screenshots / file for my HDEF@1B  and my audio codec dump from linux, please let me know what other info i could post to aid the process.


many thanks.


q9550 / asus p5ql-em / gtx 1060




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