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R7 360 freezes on certain apps


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Hi all, everyone's been a big help to me over the past few days and weeks working on this hack'
I've had a bit of luck getting my Sapphire R7 360 recognised by the system as an R9 360 and it's finding the full 2048MB vRAM
The system is noticeably smoother than when running in that 'under ~10MB vRAM' scenario and transparency is no longer buggy
however when I launch something like Spotify (Hardware Accelerated) or as I just tried, the Battle.net client the desktop immediately
stops being functional and I can only move the cursor around without being able to interact with anything.

I am familiar with the tonymacx86 AMD compatibility page and the one on here regarding dumping vBIOS (so far haven' t been able to find that option in DPCImanager) and have been trying various things to try and get it to work, resulting in a few scenarios:
A) 7MB graphics (slow animations, everything functions but is glitchy)
B) "R9 360" (desktop renders fine, crashes with Spotify, etc...interestingly I was able to run Geekbench on it - got a 9500 score for OpenCL)
C) Use device's actual deviceID which results in successful boot but display is black and remains on

I've basically been at this graphics thing for a few days now and I'm kind of losing my head haha so I thought it's worthwhile to get some actual assistance :)
Again I've been a massive lurker so thanks for everyone's posts on the site so far.

Attached picture is dump using the php script. I'm pretty certain I should be looking in the 8000 controller...:D:D:D

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 2.03.31 am.png

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