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DeLL LATiTuDe 5414 Rugged (P46G)

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Hi :0)


As a newbie , i can't claimed to have the 100% working Solution, but here's the beginning :


Mine have this configuration : i7 6600u, HD520 + AMD M360 (i remove it), 8 GB Ram (one stick), Sandisk SSD 256 GB, Webcam, 1920x1080 Panel, Intel Wifi card (using the Intel 219-LM for the moment).


In first , this is my config.plist , I use it for Pre and Post installation, with APFS support.


For the "Driver64UEFI" section, I used :










VBoxHfs-64.efi    <= for the moment, I used HFSplus.efi


For the "Kext" in "Other" section :











I used the latest flavor of each. Please refer to respective GitHub of each author.


For the moment I don't have any DSDT ready for the config, hope MaLD0n can help us to have the Best one available, he always made fantastic work. :0p

Use the USB2 port for install, for the moment I don't patch any ACPI related thing in Clover with Clover configurator.


It "WORKS", but need to be polished and fine tuned, of course.


Problems :


1) You need to insist on preinstall partition to finish the install. It hang multiple time, but I insist and finally the install is done.

    Same problem after the first update.

2) The USB3 don't work, but USB2 key in USB3 : Ok 

3) At each reboot, the restart causing problem with an error after login , but you can open your session normally, it seems shutdown have abnormal termination.

4) No wifi for the Moment :0/ I need to buy a wifi card. Using Lan actually.



Ps : Just edited the config.plist, some fixes for DSDT Table... probably useless if DSDT is Ok, but wait, no news for the moment...



Hope this help for the moment.


Crossfingered for a good DSDT ! Stay updated ;Op





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1st DSDT by MalD0n ! Need some improvement, work in progress :)




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