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mcljot's HackPro - Z390 Designare, i7 9700k, Vega 56

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Hi folks,


I'm about to start building my first Hackintosh. Hopefully this is the right forum for a build thread - if not, please let me know.


I've spent quite a while researching, and my components arrived yesterday. This machine is a home office machine, aimed to take workload off my office machine (company owned) and allow me to work from home when I want. I will be dual-booting Mac OS and RHEL/Fedora. Mac because I like Mac, having grown up with it, and to use my creativity/productivity tools. RHEL for test and proof-of-concept deployments of OpenStack and OpenShift and generally to get more familiar with Linux. I would also like to play some games on Windows.




Here is the spec:


i7 9700k

CPU cooler
Noctua NH-D15
This cooler will fit the Designare motherboard leaving the first PCIe slot exposed for the GPU. Noctua's site says there is 32mm clearance for RAM, and Corsair's site says that their Vengeance LPX RAM is 31.5mm in height. Presumably that's total height of the chips before the RAM is installed, so I should have a couple of mm of clearance if I install the RAM before I mount the CPU cooler.

Gigabyte Z390 Designare
I have read success stories of Hackintoshes on this board, so I am encouraged. And it has two M.2 slots, and Thunderbolt 3. Onboard WiFi doesn't work with Mac OS apparently, but I've ordered a Fenvi unit from China that uses the Broadcom board that is natively supported.

Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 Pulse 8GB

Corsair Vengeance LPX 2 x 16GB 3000MHz C15
I will need to add another 2 x 16GB sticks when my bank account recovers.

Samsung 970 EVO Polaris 1TB M.2 x4 NVMe SSD
I'm reading some threads about compatibility with Mac OS. Further research required. Some people online say I can do a fresh install of Mac OS directly onto this drive, and some people say I need to install onto a SATA drive and then clone onto the NVMe drive.

Linux SSD
Samsung 970 EVO Polaris 250GB M.2 x4 NVMe SSD

WiFi + Bluetooth

Fenvi FV-T919. This will fit in the lower PCI x1 slot in the motherboard.

Power supply
750w 80+ Platinum

Phanteks Evolv X Glass in Galaxy Silver
The big Noctua CPU cooler fits this case without issue.


I've never built a PC before, so I have lots to learn. I can't wait to get started :)

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