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My screensaver is not able to configure need help..?

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No, Screensaver is not controlled by a specific driver... You adjust ScreenSaver settings through the associated PrefPane.



You should also check your EnergySaver PrefPane...



Of course, you should also check that you have graphics acceleration working, knowing that:

  1. GMA950 may require patching of the Intel framebuffer in Leopard (it depends on the PCI id)
  2. ScreenSaver won't properly work without full graphics acceleration


NB: This laptop being built on Intel 945GM/940GML chipset + GMA950 graphics, it should be able to run Snow Leopard; possibly Lion if it can take a Core2Duo. I did not see that in the HP Compaq specs but I've seen C2D-based Nx6310.


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