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AMD 10.4.8 DVD SSE3


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I installed OSX 10.4.8 DVD AMD (native DVD installation)

I have two problems and I hope you can help me to solve them

The complete file name is:



Reboot problem

Reboot doesn't work (on 10.4.7 it works fine):

If I select restart from the menù bar I can close OSX session but I cannot restart my PC:

I obtain a black screen and I can see these written commands on it:



MACH reboot"

After few seconds these commands disappear and I have only a black screen

Then... nothing... and the machine doesn't restart

I tried to edit the file mach_kernel by using Hex editor as described for the 10.4.7 but this method doesn't work for 10.4.8


"Network - smb problem"

Wireless internet connection works fine (I can use internet) but I cannot connect my hackintosh to my iBook in wireless because smb and network connection don't work

In Network (in Finder) I can see my iBook but if I double click on it I receive an error message: I cannot find the alias... You can repair or delete the alias...

I tried to delete the alias but I don't have privileges and I don't know how I can repair it

Smb doesn't work, too. I tried the command "Apple+K" and then "smb://" but nothing happens.

From the iBook instead I can see the hackintosh and I can connect to it.


Could you help me ?

Thank you very much


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For the reboot error try getting semthex's newest build of kernel you can find the link in the irc channel devoted to it...#kernel.

For the smb error make sure you have file sharing enabled on both machines and try it then.


I just have the latest semthex's build of kernel but reboot doesn't work...

I tried to edit the file com.Apple.boot.plist changing from platform=ACPI to platform=X86PC but even in this case it doesn't work

I always obtain a black screen with the same commands on it "continuing, done, MACH reboot"



For the smb I have file sharing enabled on both machines... I tried to enable Appletalk, too.



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For the reboot problem:


Open Terminal:


" cp /mach_kernel ~/Desktop/mach_kernel "


(mach_kernel is a hidden file, you'll need onyx etc to see it)


Use a HEX Editor:

Replace "EBFE9090" with "B0FEE664"


Terminal again:


"sudo cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel /"





Sorry Didn't read earlier - you mostly liked messed up the HEX editor. I have 10.4.8 - had the same problem, showed "MACH REBOOT" and would sit there - just try the mach_kernel again - install the patch again and try it - it should work cuz it worked for me.

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Thank you Rammjet



Smb now works fine with the patch

I used this file:



I hope to solve the reboot problem, too...

I tried to re-install the latest semthex's kernel both by auto-install script both by replacing mach_kernel directly with terminal procedure but reboot doesn't work


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