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Acer3830TG installation is still poor shutdown (sleep) and USB3.0 has not been solved

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Check out these posts and fix both DSDT and SSDT so that they compile without errors. Currently, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 is installed. The equipment HD3000, CX20588 audio, AR8151 network card, AR946X WIFI, USB2.0, camera, CPU frequency conversion, screen brightness control and so on are all normal, except for USB3.0 and cannot be shut down and sleep. Among them, USB3.0 can be used for connecting devices, but it is not reflected in the system information. However, after connecting any USB device, it will obviously affect other USB devices, which is reflected in the USB wireless mouse stuck and inflexible response. Another problem is that you can't shut down and sleep. The main problem is that when you shut down the machine, the power supply keeps running (restart). Sleep is rarely used, so you can ignore it.
The attached configuration files of several clover are all modified according to the rehabman-hd3000config.plist original file, and the modification is based on the rehabman-hd3000config.plist
Note regarding CPU power management and SSDTs

If you 'r e getting a panic in AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement and/or SMC_ACPI_PlatformPlugin it may be related to OEM CPU power management related SSDTs.

Some systems may need to drop Some of the OEM SSDTs. This happens most frequently with Sandy Bridge systems (but not all). There are two configurations for DropTables in the provided config Files. The default is minimal. The alternate is named #DropTables and is a bit more aggressive DropTables- DropTables and renaming #DropTables->DropTables (in that order). Bankroll on how the OEM labels the tables, this may or may not work. If you still have issues, Set config. Plist/ACPI/SSDT/DropOem = true. You will need to set the config. The plist/ACPI/SSDT/Generate = true (or the individual CStates/PStates = true) to use DropOem = true or the alternate DropTables.

After I extracted and fixed ssdt.aml, I went to ssdt-x. ml, but put it into the directory of /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other. At this time, the computer couldn't get into the system and restarted indefinitely. However, as long as you delete all SSDT files, you can enter the system normally and all functions mentioned above are normal, except that the machine cannot be turned off and USB3.0 is abnormal. I almost forgot that the clover version I used was 4778.
Laptop Acer3830TG:
CPU: qm I7-2630
Memory: 4 * 2 = 8 g (Kingston)

Graphics card:Intel HD3000
Sound: CX20588 
Wired network card: AR8151
I will upload the DSDT file together later. Please help me figure out how to solve it. Thank you!



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