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A bit strange that I'm posting here in 2018


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Assuming you're using Chameleon, you should try: -f -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes.


Can't say if that Arrandale Pentium P6200 will be supported OOB, nor if the integrated 1st gen Intel HD GPU of that Pentium will be supported. The latter will depend on:

1) the PCI id of that iGPU (the only supported ids are 8086:0042 and 8086:0046)

2) the display connector used for the built-in LCD (LVDS=Ok, eDP= NOk)


Check the bible on 1st gen integrated graphics available here.


If your system is fully supported, you should be able to run more modern versions up to High Sierra without issues. Mojave would require some additional tricks and won't run OOB.

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