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Top most addictive online multiplayer war games with no download needed

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If you are looking for some good games to play, we’re here for you. Do you want to try addictive free online games with no download? There’re plenty of addictive games you can find on the Internet. Today, I will introduce you the most addictive free online games you can play on the computer without downloading, some of them are multiplayer and single player games.

UFO Alien Wars
Most shooting games of all time for you
Ufo Alien Wars is the first free online game with no download needed we recommend you try out on PC or Macbook browser. This is definitely an addictive game if you are a fan of UFOs and aliens. The background in the game is that aliens are trying to invade the Earth and your mission is to join the army to protect our planet. 
These aliens are very ferocious and bloodthirsty; they are always ready to attack and kill you, so you have to use your shooting skills to destroy them. The number of airlines is huge, so you have to focus on destroying them, a little mistake can cause you to lose the game. The obstacles in the arena are scattered, so take advantage of them to hide and attack the enemy unexpectedly. 
The weapon system is varied in the game so choose the most appropriate weapon to destroy as many enemies as possible. Turn on your PC and start protecting Earth right now.
Tank Off
The best war game you can kill time with friends
The tank is one of the most common and best weapons in wars. This weapon has high damage, and it can destroy many enemies at the same time. Controlling a tank to kill an enemy must be a very cool feeling. Tank off is an attractive free online war game that can satisfy your dream. In the game, you will become an active warrior and manage a powerful tank. Shut down your entire enemy if you do not want your tank to be destroyed. 
The 3D graphics and live sound effects of the game bring players unforgettable experiences, they always have the feeling that they are fighting in a real arena. Tank off is not for slow people, and the reflex is the key to win this game. The gameplay is straightforward, use arrow keys or WASD to move, use the mouse to control the crosshair to the target you want to destroy. 
You should select tanks that have low HP to kill first. The more tanks you shut down, the more points you get. Use the money to upgrade tanks with higher speed and destruction.
Strike Tactics
The game will help you increase your strategy ability
Strike Tactics is also a free online multiplayer game with no download or installation needed you should not miss. This is supposed to be a combination of strategy games and war games. Use the resources you collect to build works and train multiple soldiers. Using powerful resources helps you build the most influential empire and defeat other empires very easily. 
Resources are also used to upgrade weapons with greater destructive power. Since this is a tactical game, you have to brainstorm to have the right tactics, they will help you become the winner. If you feel the game you are playing too boring, Strike Tactics is a game that will boost your brain power. 
The system of units, weapons, and vehicles is very diverse, so you have to know how to combine them wisely to win.
Alien Sky Invasion
The game can help you increase shooting skills
Alien Sky Invasion is another free online game and no flash player with no download required that you can kill time with friends and relatives. The alien army is attacking the Earth and you will be the hero to protect our beloved planet. You have to take control of your craft cleverly to destroy all the aircrafts of evil aliens. 
The feeling of flying in the sky and shutting down the enemy will undoubtedly leave a deep impression on the player. There are so many airplanes in the air, you have to pay a complete attention to the game, and the smallest mistake can make you a loser. The graphics of the game are very genuine, players will not have the feeling they are playing the game, but they are controlling the real aircraft in the sky. 
As the game progresses, the difficulty of the game will increase, and you need to focus on the game more. To become a good player, you need to have ingenuity and practice for a long time.
Critical Strike
The game is one of the most addictive shooting games
Critical Strike is one of the best free online first-person games you should not miss if you are passionate about shooting genres. You will play a brave warrior and fight a whole legion. The enemies are trigger-happy shooters, and they are ready to kill you at any time. 
The fighting maps in the game are so diverse that you can reveal your shooting and surviving skills. In the game, you can find many places to hide and attack enemies unexpectedly; this will help you improve the damage. Be careful with everything around you if you do not want to be shut down. Hearing the footsteps helps you to guess the position of the enemy, thus helping you to destroy them more easily.
This is a multiplayer game, so teamwork is crucial. The game offers a variety of weapons, so you have to know how to use them smartly and cleverly. With no download required Critical Strike will surely satisfy all people even the most fastidious people.
Seek and Destroy
The lively graphics of the game can addict you
Seek and Destroy is also a remarkable free online multiplayer game without downloading you can enjoy your time. The content of the game has been transformed through the game name. In the game, you will control a deadly helicopter and find the location of the enemy base. 
Your helicopter is equipped with machine guns, missiles, and bombs. Use missiles to help you kill the enemy effectively. Use bombs to kill enemies within a short distance. Be careful with your enemies in the ground; they always attack you unexpectedly.
Above is one of the most fantastic multiplayer games you should try. We are sure that you will feel satisfied with them.
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