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P7H55-M LX :: Reboot issue

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Mojave installs fine on following configuration

MB: P7H55-M LX
BIOS: 0406

CPU: i3 540

HDD: Seagate 1TB (SATA)
VIDEO: Nvidia Geforce 650 Ti
Kexts: see attachment (place directory 'P7H55-M LX' into EFI/CLOVER/OEM)

Shutdown:    works fine
Sleep/Wake: works fine
Reboot:        does not work

Known issues:

Issue #1: cold boot after power off - usb keyboard/mouse does not work
               Remedy: press reset button - it fixes the issue

Issue #2: reboot does not work properly -- it looks like system waits for boot device
               Remedy: unknown
               Work around: shutdown and start the computer again


P7H55-M LX mainboard was flashed with latest BIOS and still USB keyboard/mouse is not recognized by Clover boot loader on first start after 'Cold boot'. At the same time pressing 'Delete'/F8/Ctrl+F2 at boot time gets in BIOS Setup/Boot device select/BIOS flash. I went through BIOS settings and I do not see any option which could prevent Clover recognizing USB keyboard/mouse. It looks like USB port initialization issue of some kind. A press 'Reset' on front panel and Clover boot loader recognizes USB keyboard/mouse just fine.

Does anybody came across issue #2 and knows a solution for it? Screen shot and DSDT will be provided on a request.



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