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Mojave installs fine on following configuration

SMBIOS: iMac13,2
MB: P7H55-M LX
BIOS: 0406

CPU: i3 540

HDD: Seagate 1TB (SATA)
VIDEO: Nvidia Geforce 650 Ti
Kexts: see attachment (place directory 'P7H55-M LX' into EFI/CLOVER/OEM)

Shutdown:    works fine
Sleep/Wake: works fine
Reboot:        does not work

Known issues:

Issue #1: cold boot after power off - usb keyboard/mouse does not work
               Remedy: press reset button - it fixes the issue

Issue #2: reboot does not work properly -- it looks like system waits for boot device
               Remedy: unknown
               Work around: shutdown and start the computer again



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Hi MaLd0n,

I've attempted to run the computer with suggested DSDT and Kexts.


1. The computer boots fine
2. Network card is recognized Ok
3. Sound chip is not recognized
4. Shutdown works fine

The computer was booted once more

5. Let the computer to go into sleep mode (led flashing on front panel)
6. The computer does not react on USB keyboard to bring out of sleep mode
7. The computer was brought out of sleep with press 'Power' button on front panel
8. Some activity of HDD

9. Black screen

10. The computer left to go sleep once more -- never happen (solid led on front panel)
11. The computer turned off with extended press 'Power' button

The computer was booted once more


12. Login into system
13. Select from menu 'Reboot'

14. The computer restarts into 'Clover'
15. In 'Clover' an attempt to boot Mojave
16. Reboot does not succeed (see attached screenshots)





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original configuration has no problem to wake up from sleep by USB keyboard.

I do not see how disabling hibernate can resolve issue with rebooting computer. This issue is of most concern -- if the computer rebooted remotely then it will never come back online.

What would be your thoughts on this subject.

Issue that 'Clover' does not work after cold start from USB keyboard probably can be resolved by addressing this issue to developers of 'Clover' package (keyboard works fine as I can get into BIOS settings or select boot device).


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well, I got an impression that even with press 'Power' button on front panel the computer did not waked up properly (black screen, at that moment the computer was not connected to network what would allow me to attempt remote login - to confirm my observation).

Note: with original setup the computer wakes up properly


Can you say a few words on 'EFI disable' kext you put in KEXTS.zip file -- what is it purpose?


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