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XP BSOD lock after creating new partition


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Hey, I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 20" iMac.


Just a few hours ago, I had two partitions: a 200GB Mac one and a 32GB Windows XP one. I was planning on installing Windows Vista RTM, so I used diskutil in single-user mode to resize my Mac partition to 150GB, and then create a new Vista 50GB partition.


However, now, after doing this, I repeatedly get a BSOD while trying to start up Windows XP. It displays a selection for Start Windows Normally, Safe Mode, etc, but no matter what I pick, I get to the Windows boot screen, but after a few seconds, the screen flickers blue for a second, and then restarts the computer. I've seen the same sort of thing described by other Boot Camp users, but that doesn't exactly help.


I can't even delete the Vista partition with Boot Camp, since it only handles a maximum of two partitions. I tried fiddling around with gtp in single-user mode, but I just get a "resource busy" message when trying to delete a partition. I'd rather not have to delete all my data, since that would just be horrible. I don't really care about installing Vista now if it's difficult, though.


Any advice? I just read this, which seems like the same problem.

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