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How To Make HIS iCooler RX560 4GB Work at Hackintosh (Re-Flash GPU BIOS with AtiFlash)

Andres ZeroCross

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Another people ask my help to Install Mojave to his system. He use HIS RX560 iCooler 4GB Single Fan. But i have problem with Kernel Panic related to Graphics Kext and Accelerator when i use latest Lilu.kext (version 1.2.7) and latest WhateverGreen.kext (version 1.2.3) no matter what i do. I can't activate the QE/CI of this GPU.



After that i search information about this GPU, and i found this article : RX460 has been reFlashed to RX560 (0x67EF)

So, i check the GPU with GPUZ, and interesting. It's detected as RX460 with Latest GPU-Z Software. So this GPU is really a rebranded ones from RX460????



According to this article,, i can see HIS use XFX BIOS for this Varian,




So this is my problem, most of XFX Radeon Card is act weird for Hackintosh (Kernel Panic, Early Reboot and another problem). Then make decision to Re-Flash this GPU with Sapphire RX460 BIOS (Because Sapphire use same 128Bit Memory Interface and most of its Graphics card work well at Hackintosh).

So this is the TUTORIAL


A. Requirement Files
1. Download SRBPolarisV.35 (file attached below this post)

2. Download atiflash_284 (file attached below this post)

3. Download Sapphire RX460 Nitro 4GB 128Bit BIOS from here


B. Requirement OS

1. Windows 10 (I use this version of windows when flash this GPU)


C. Preparing

1. Copy atiflash_284.zip into Destkop and extract it

2. Copy SRBPolarisV3.5.zip to Desktop and extract it

3. Copy Sapphire.RX460.4096.160720.rom (Bios of Sapphire RX460 Nitro 4GB 128Bit BIOS) to the Desktop


D. Modify

1. Open SRBPolarisV.35 as administrator




2. Then click OPEN BIOS and select to "Sapphire.RX460.4096.160720.rom"


3. Change the Value like this picture,, i mark it "BEFORE" and "AFTER". You must change the value like "AFTER" image.


  ===Change The VendorID and DeviceID===



==== Leave this ones,, this feature to unlock SHADER. If your GPU has 896 Shader before then leave it. You can try to unlock the shader if you are pretty sure your GPU has moro than 896 shaders===




=== Let's Mem. Timings as defaults ones. Just skip it to PowerPlay section,, and change the Value====




====When you click VOLTAGE section you will see this image,, just click OK. And jump to next section====



===Change the Value of Power Tunes======




====Change the Value of Fan====



Then Click Save BIOS, give the output name "RX460Modified.rom". Then move this output into "atiflash_284's Folders"



E. Flashing Process

1. Run CMD as administrator and type "cd C:\Users/xxxx/Desktop/atiflash_284" and press enter. Change xxxx according to your user account name in windows. see example below




2. Then type "atiflash -p -f 0 RX460Modified.rom" then flash process will be processed. And notification to restart from windows will appear. Just reboot the system. 0 is mean Graphics at slot 1. If your Graphics at slot 2 or 3 of PCIEXPress X16 slot then change it to 1 or 2. So it will be "atiflash -p -f 1 RX460Modified.rom" or "atiflash -p -f 2 RX460Modified.rom"




3. If you can see the output of GPU Display at Monitor and can enter the windows, then you have successed flash your GPU. 

Special Note :
1. I can't set CSM to Disable at BIOS or  i will face BLANK SCREEN if i did it. This is related to UEFI BIOS for GPU. Need more learn to flash UEFI Support. So if your CSM = Disable then set it ENABLE or you will face BLACK SCREEN.

2. This method is for RX560 HIS iCooler 4GB, so if you want to experiment with another brand like XFS or another then take it by your own risk. But i am pretty sure it'll work well. No Pain No Gain 

3. I have upload "RX460Modified.rom" you can use it instead modify new ones.

Then boot into macOS with Latest Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext, no need to tick RadeonDeInit or InjectATI. Just leave it blank. Your GPU should have QE/CI. Sorry for bad english because i am not from england :hysterical:





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