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my osx86 installation: some configuration help


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Hello everybody,

I just completed my new osx86 installation in my box:

Pentium IV 1,7Ghz

512 MB RAM

2 HD with Windows xp/Ubuntu Linux and the other with Mac os x 10.4.6

Nvidia Abit Siluro .


All work well beacuse I start osx with the grub by linux.

And now i' m writing by my osxbox! :tomato: wonderful!

Only some help and answer in the configuration:

1) Osx detect the resolution of my monitor to 1024x768, but My monitor can get higher resolution like 1280x1024. How do I change this? in the control panel there is only the 1024x768 option. is this a nvidia driver problem?

2) The IT keyboard seems to work, but I cannot perfrom the @ symbols with combination of the key. All times I must copy the symbols from the web :censored2:


Could some one give me some help?






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