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I need a bootable OS disc for my very old Mac Mini

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I have a very, very old Mac Mini that I would like to put an OS on. I would much prefer Mac OS, but Linux would be OK.

The Mac is A1176, 2006, serial # YM80579TYL1, EMC # 2108. Core 2 duo 1.8Ghz (I think).

Many years ago, I discovered that getting a disc that would boot on this thing was very, very trick. It apparently uses an Apple-hacked UEFI. I eventually found a Linux (I think Ubuntu) that would boot on it, but I do not remember how I did it. I think it was customized.

If Mac OS, I need a link (I know "torrent" is a bad word, but many millions of people use it) to a bootable Mac OS disc that I can burn under Linux. I do not have access to another Mac that I can use to burn a Mac-specific disc image.

Unfortunately, the rich Holier Than Thou asshats in the usual Mac forums want me to pay more money to Apple to BUY a Mac OS disc, which is why I posted this here.  I know this site is usually used for running Mac OS on PCs and such, but I couldn't get help on those other forums.


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