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Stuck with installing


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I downloaded "Mac_OS_X_10.4.6_x86_Install_DVD.iso" which is 4.37gb


I got some instructions on it but I don't really understand what to do...*doesn't get the whole commands thing* (the attached file)


Can anyone help? I'm a real n00b...


Here's a screenshot of where I want to install it (it's an external USB hsrd drive):




How do I set up OSX the fastest and easiest way? What are the commands I need to type?



P.S - I currently have it burnt on a DVD CD (drive D)


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FAT or FAT32?


I reformatted it to FAT32 and in the boot screen I pressed enter and the OSX loading screen appeared (it also appeared before) and then this appeared:






What should I do? Do I need to type anything in the boot screen?

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