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!@#$!@# apple migration assistant...

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Hey all,


got a quick observation/question/thought that probably affects (ie bites in the ass!) a few people like me, just wanna throw it out there for thoughts comments etc.


I'm sure a bunch of people decide to do a fresh install, then use migration assistant to copy their stuff over to the new build - only to burn in hell for that.


basically if you use migration assistant WHY DOES IT !@#$!#@ WITH YOUR L/E DIRECTORY???  (even when saying just migrate applications and documents - none of that "other files stuff")


Here's my deal:


So wanted to upgrade to mojave and finally get a new vid card and thought doing that at the same time was a good idea (doh!).  ...so after two days of that being a complete cluster zuck, I just went ahead a did a fresh install of mojave (release version, following maladon's guide).


So I had a nice clean working mojave, only using clover/EFI/kext injection - without any of the kext's being put into SLE or LE.


So fresh mojave, all looking good and then I tried to use migration assistant to move my docs and apps and settings from my carbon copy clone of the high sierra version (which I did make of course).


...and knowing migration assistant causes all sorts of pain if you tell it to migrate everything, I just told it to migrate my account, my document and my apps ONLY.


BUT it still went and shoved (ie "migrated") all my old high sierra L/E kexts into L/E on my new working mojave install - which then of course wasn't happy at all.:wallbash:


So I then had to re-install /efi/clover as well as go in and rm -rf all the newly "migrated" L/E kexts to get it working again



So - is it just me screwing up using migration assistant?  should you just Not Use migration assistant?  should migration assistant burn in hell?

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