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VMware + Jas + Two NTFS Partitions

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Hello, I'm new here but in every forum I am known as leveliv or lvliv. anyways I have a 100GB HDD with a 80 GB partition for XP (NTFS) and then another NTFS (20GB) for OSX but I can get all the way into the Disk Utility part of installing OSX in VMWare but when I go to partition the 20GB partition as a mac partition there is a dialogue that says "in the process of partitioning this drive, all volumes will be erased" then it lists my

windows partition

and the other partition

is there anyway I can install OSX without erasing my XP? -- Chris

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Since you have a physical partition to install in, why not just boot the DVD and do a native install? That should give you more control over what is happening.


If the second partition already exists, why not just use disk utility to erase it? If disk utility can see the partition, it should be able to erase it (re-format) to a format usable by OSX. You shouldn't need to re-partition the drive.


However, having said all that, I think the first step should be to make a backup of your WinXX partition using something like Norton Ghost or any utility that can backup/restore a full workable system from an image.


Do that just to be safe - better safe than sorry.


Good Luck!

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