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El Capitan :: P5LP-LE (HP Leonite) -- success

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I had a computer with following configuration laying around

Mainboard: P5LP-LE (HP Leonite)

CPU: E4300
NIC: on board
SOUND: on board
VIDEO: GeForce 8400 

Mainboard specs: https://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c00864946

The computer was installed with 'El Capitan' (10.11.6) and works very well (sleep/wakeup). 

Please find attached file CLOVER.zip which hold a directory 'LEONITE' which should be placed into CLOVER/OEM directory.

IMPORTANT: It was found that CLOVER higher than version 3998 does not allow to load network kext, due this reason use CLOVER upto version 3998 


Installation of 'Sierra' and 'High Sierra' requires SSE4.1 is not possible -- this board only supports CPUs upto core 2 duo E6x00/E4x00 which do not include SSE4.1
P5LP-LE board has 'Award' BIOS and potentially it could be possible to modify BIOS to support newer CPUs (E7x00/E8x00) -- not tested
Visit next website for additional information




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